The Royle Group Podcast / Nov 14, 2023

Dear Seller – The Secret to Successfully Using This Strategy

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While some might say the market has cooled down significantly, there are pockets and price points where things are still moving. Today Danielle and Sarah shared their views on the infamous “Dear Seller Letter” and how they’ve seen first hand how this can help seal the deal. For more ways to win in this market (and in any), join us again next week!


Benefits of Using a Dear Seller Letter

Personal Connection: A well-written letter can create an emotional connection between the buyer and the seller, potentially swaying the seller’s decision in a competitive market.

Stand Out: In a competitive real estate market, a Dear Seller letter can help you stand out among multiple offers, especially if the seller has an emotional attachment to the property.

Humanize the Transaction: It humanizes the transaction, making it more than just a business deal. This can be particularly impactful if the seller has lived in the home for a long time and is looking for a buyer who will appreciate it.


  • Hosted by Danielle Firth and Sarah Fothergill from The Royle Group at Century 21 Lanthorn & Associates Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage in Belleville, Ontario.
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