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Military Postings

At The Royle Group, we believe in a few core principles that help guide us through our daily missions.

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Being a tight-knit team, we rely on trust, integrity, transparency, hard work, and (most of all), teamwork. It’s how we all succeed together.

While not every member of our team is a military veteran or active service member, almost all of us have direct ties to the Canadian Armed Forces. We know that those who serve and have served in our military hold the principles we care about close to their hearts.

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Canadian Armed Forces Bases Near Us

If you’ve received a posting to any one of these bases, you can rely on The Royle Group’s local real estate expertise to help you settle in as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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We Understand The Military Posting Process

Because of our close personal ties with the Canadian Armed Forces, we have first-hand experience with the military posting process.

Military postings can feel stressful and overwhelming, especially when you’re moving to a new part of the country you’re unfamiliar with.

However, our team couldn’t be more familiar with the communities and neighbourhoods where we work, live, and play. More importantly, we completely understand your situation and just how complex a military posting can be.


“Travis and his team at The Royle Group were excellent to work with. They understand the needs of military personnel..."

Alex Bartlette

We’re Here To Serve You

The Royle Group team has assisted countless active service members and their families through the military posting process and are more than confident that we’ll be able to help you find a home that perfectly suits your needs. We are ready to serve you!

Getting started is easy — once you’ve received notification of your posting, give us a call at 613.967.4621. We’ll have you feeling confident about your move before you hang up the phone.

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Can’t talk now? Set up a personal one-on-one military posting consultation with a member of our team, like Travis Royle, Elyse Gallagher or Travis Mountenay.

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